48v 15ah/20ah/24ahL iFePO4 battery series connection for e-scooter and motorcycle

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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Model Number:
Nominal Capacity:
Green energy:
zero emission
2 years
golf trolley/cart/e-tools,flash torch
180*75*165.5mm or as your require
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Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
4000 Pack/Packs per Week
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soft PVC,Plastic case,Iron case,alloy aluminum case
FOB Shenzhen
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Within 20-25 days after payment


High performance
No memory effect
1500-1800 cycles
Environmental friendly
OEM/ODM service


The best replacement of lead acid battery,NiMH( nickel metal hydride )&NICD(Nickel-Cadmium) is 

-----Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery


Thank you for choosing TOPBAND Battery!


Our lithium iron phosphate battery pack TB-4815F 48V 15AH is the perfect replacement from GEL,LEAD ACID battery.

TB-4815F is designed as a "drop in replacement" meaning all you have to do is take our your old lead acid battery and place our battery in the same way.


TOPBAND lithium batteries are the ideal battery for any application that currently uses as AGM,GEL or lead acid battery.TOPBAND batteries give you the chance to replace your old obsolete battery storage system with the perfect battery for your application.


As you may know, Your existing lead based batteries are inefficient, obsolete and a problem waiting to happen.

Typical Lead Acid Batteries have many problems including: they loose up to 30% of their energy per month from self discharging. They have a severe voltage drop when a load is placed on them, they can off-gas, leak acid and hazardous chemicals, do not last long, they are very heavy and made of a toxic material. 

TOPBAND Lithium Ion Batteries are 99.9% efficient, Provide over 100% usable energy of the rated capacity,

and loose less than 3% per month self discharge


Whether you are installing a new Solar System, replacing your Marine Boat Batteries or outfitting a commercial application, TOPBAND Lithium ion Batteries give you the chance to do energy storage right from day one. Most Important for you are the facts that LiFePO4 Batteries can last for the duration of most applications, meaning you buy a TOPBAND battery once and you are done. And considering their longevity and the efficiently they are less costly than the heavy and toxic lead acid batteries.



Product Features

LifePo4 Technology

Heavy Duty High Output Terminal Posts
Dual Purpose; Engine Starting & Deep Cycle
Automatic Built In Battery Protection System



TypeLiFePO4 battery with PCM
Nominal voltage: 58.4V
Typical capacity15Ah
Internal Impedance(1kHz AC)<60mΩ
Max Charge voltage14.6±0.05V
Discharger cut-off voltage9.2±0.05V
Max charge current20A   
Max continuous discharge current30A   
Max pulse discharge current45A (2s)
Charging temperature0°C~45°C
Discharging temperature-20°C~60°C
Storage temperature0°C~25°C
About 2000 cycles to 80% with 100% DOD under 20 °C~25°C
Size(L*W*H)150*97*96mm(one unit)
Weight:approx.3.0kg(one unit)
Application:,e-wheelchair, UPS,Emergency lighting, Portable electric appliance,Medical equipments and so on.
We can offer model: 48V 20Ah/24AH

 2. Advantages

1.Long cycle life:up to 2000 times

2. Green: Non-Toxic, comfort to RoHS.

3. Long cycle life: > 2000 cycles, while Sealed Lead Acid batteries only 750 cycles and NiMh batteries only 500 cycles)

4. Safety

The safest battery in the world till now, which does not burn with 30V charge voltage and it does not explore when you puncture the battery. UL approved.

5. Light weight and smaller dimension

The dimension is smallest and the weight is lightest when compare with other battery. 1/3 weight of SLA, 65% weight of NIMH.

6. Great capacity and more powerful, rechargeable battery

High discharge current, 1C continuous, 3C pulse for normal cells and 20 C for special design

We can install many single cells in series and in parallel and it can fully discharge

7. Good thermal stability: - 40°C to 70°C

7. Fast charging,can be recharged anytime, no reduction of the capacity

8. Widely application, customize solutions, mass production, OEM/ODM service, factory passed TS 16949, ISO 9001:2008.



3.Only maximum 4 pcs connected in series allowed 


Continuous discharge current shall be less than 30A.

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